Hello, I’m Jenny

Here’s a little about me – and possibly about you too

Are you crazy busy juggling a million things trying to be an awesome mom, a great employee or business owner, a sexy partner and an infinite number of other roles you have?  Yes! Have you been putting yourself on the back burner and neglecting your health?  Yep, me too.  Do you have some health issues you need to address? Or do you just feel run down and you’ve lost your zest for life?  Yep, that was me!  You know you’ve got to look after your health but you don’t know where to go.  And all the chemicals and stuff out there – you know that they are actually doing you more harm than good.  Not cool!

Once upon a time, I was zipping along being busy, minding my own business, but not really taking care of my health.  I was taking my body for granted.  Over time, things just started to slow down or I’d have some aches and pains or my skin would break out in pimples (for your information, I’m way past puberty!) or I couldn’t sleep or I couldn’t wake up.  I was generally just not feeling great.  My skin became very sensitive to my make up and my eyes would puff up like a bull frog.  My skin became very dry.  I was feeling so frustrated about my skin – it’s not like I eat a lot of junk and I always use moisturiser but my skin just got worse.  I’m now using more natural products and I’m glad to say that my skin is much better now – no more bull frog eyes, no more flaky, dry skin!

The birth of an idea

I figured that if I’m having issues, it’s possible that other busy working women may have the same problems and are looking for solutions too.  And the idea of Ihliksir was born.  Sounds simple, right?  Like having a baby – conceptually very easy but you’re learning all the time.  Hopefully we’ll have some giggles along the way!

What is Ihliksir?

An elixir (according to Cambridge Dictionary) is “a substance, usually a liquid, with a magical power to cure, improve, or preserve something”.

I don’t believe there is just one elixir that will give us eternal youth and longevity, but the unnumeral little things we do every day, that help us be healthy or unhealthy.  At Ihliksir, we try to give you useful information and find natural products especially with you, a busy woman, in mind so that the innumeral things you do, that you eat or put on your skin and wear on your body every day, is good for you.  

Our blog is an easy read so you can get practical, understandable information to set you off in the right direction.  Sorry, if you’re into scientific jargon and reference lists 3 pages long, then this is probably not going to be for you.

Win! Win! Win!

Oh yes!  As an added bonus to regaining your own health, when you buy through a link from our site, you help us support women and projects around the world so others can get healthier too! We understand that everybody needs a little help so every time you buy something, a child will get clean drinking water or a nourishing meal or you help a woman support her family.  Your purchase not only helps you and the business you purchased from, it also helps other women and children.  We love a win, win, win!

So let’s get healthy together,