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xmas decorations and champagne

Surviving the Silly Season with Health and Happiness

Does the silly season stress you out?  “Tis the season to be jolly” or so the song goes.  Cue image of a lovely family sitting under a beautiful tree surrounded by happy children with beautifully wrapped presents everywhere.   It’s all very romantic and lovely.  But the lead up is so stressful.  The year end rush …

breathe sign

Best Stress Relief Technique

Impact of stress If you let stress overwhelm you and cause damage that you can’t repair, it will delay your goals and dreams, or maybe even crush them entirely.  In all honesty, any career success, independent of your ultimate goal is truly not worth the negatives that prolonged stress can create.  Do you need a stress relief …

correct desk posture

Correct Posture to Relieve Neck and Back Pain

A while ago, I had severe pain so I went to the chiropractor.  At the initial consultation they do all these tests and x-rays and explained that my spine and nervous system were not functioning at their best.  After years and years of sitting in front of a computer, my body is bending out of …