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avocado on toast

20 Easy Healthy Lunch Ideas

Here are 20 very easy, healthy lunch ideas.  I know that if it’s too hard, you won’t even bother – these are so easy, you can whip up a healthy lunch in no time.  If you have any left grilled or roast chicken from dinner, you don’t even need to cook anything.  Change the ingredients …

plate of fresh berries

20 Easy, Healthy Snacks

Got the munchies?  Instead of heading for the junk food, keep a stash of healthy snacks in your pantry or office drawer.  Pack them is single portions if you tend to plough through the whole bag once you start.  These healthy snacks will keep in the drawer so you don’t need to keep them in …

honey candied ginger

Honey Candied Ginger

This is the easiest recipe ever!  I don’t like a very strong ginger flavour but this is very subtle and with the honey, it’s absolutely yummy.  A great warming drink in winter, warms the body and soothes the throat.  Add a squeeze of lemon for a flavour lift and even more health benefits!  Chill in …