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Why take an omega 3 supplement?

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fresh produce

Beginner’s Guide: What is eating healthy food?

One of the cornerstones of good health is what you eat.  You need good nutrition to provide the necessary materials ...
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avocado on toast

20 Easy Healthy Lunch Ideas

Here are 20 very easy, healthy lunch ideas. I know that if it’s too hard, you won’t even bother – ...
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group of confident women

11 Ways to Improve your Self Confidence

Self confidence at work will do wonders for your life and career whereas a lack of confidence could hamper your ...
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7 Ways to Reduce Stress

Stress is a useful and required for a normal, healthy, functioning body. In fact, a little stress is necessary in ...
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Natural Ways to Help with Depression

Depression can be debilitating and can have a severe impact on your work and life. Learning natural ways that can ...
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Latest Recipes

Banana & strawberry cake

Banana & Strawberry Cake

Banana & Strawberry Cake Dairy free banana & strawberry cake 4 small ripe bananas1 cup wheat flour1/2 cup buckwheat flour1/4 ...
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Healthy hazelnut chocolate balls

Healthy Hazelnut Chocolate Balls

Healthy Hazelnut Chocolate Balls These healthy hazelnut chocolate balls are a gluten free decadent treat to satisfy your sweet tooth ...
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almond & coconut energy balls

Almond Coconut Energy Balls

Almond coconut energy balls Made from almond meal, these almond coconut energy balls have a nutty flavour and are gluten ...
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mocha truffles

Mocha Truffles

Mocha Truffles Mocha Truffles - dark chocolate and coconut milk - a sweet treat with a hit of antioxidants and ...
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vegan creme brulee

Vegan Creme Brulee

Vegan Creme Brulee This French dessert, creme brulee, is remade into a vegan delight with coconut milk. 1 vanilla pod200 ...
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peanut butter banana chocolate bites

Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Bites

Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Bites Protein-rich peanut butter sandwiched between sweet banana slices and dipped in dark chocolate and coconut ...
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